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How to: see Melbourne on a budget

Australia can be expensive. When travelling on a budget it's important to be responsible. If saving money is at the top of your priorities then there are lots of ways to barely spend money in Melbourne. In planning for future travel around the country it is important to budget and make the most of every penny. So here's some tips to help you see Melbourne on a budget based on my experience. Getting around One important factor that attracts people to visit Melbourne is the ease of getting around. Having not done my research properly before arriving in Melbourne, I didn't realise that walking wasn't the only budget friendly transport method... To my amazement, all of the city trams in the CBD area are FREE to use in certain zones. Unless you're needing to travel outside of the main city (e.g. to visit St Kilda ) then the free trams are an absolute life saver for a savvy tourist! It literally is a case of hop on and hop off as you wish which is perfect for s

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